This is a site about muesli and related cereals developed around reviews of different fare sampled in the cafés and restaurants of Wellington, New Zealand. This city has one eatery for every 236 people. That’s twice the ratio of New York! Of the 880 or so eateries, I count at least 100 in the inner city and close suburbs that do muesli, granola or porridge, yet food reviewers don’t deign to consider them. So that’s what I’m here for.

Hopefully this site works even if you don’t live in Wellington. And if you do, I give a run down on my general impressions of each eatery, so if you don’t visit for the muesli it will still be useful. And I’d like to think that if they can do muesli well then they can excel at other things.

This is not a recipe site, but the dishes sampled provide plenty of ideas for how you could work up your own. And I discuss some options, because in the end, cereal meals are things you can endlessly vary from day to day.

On the four pages about each of the muesli-related cereals (muesli, granola, bircher, porridge) I have created thumbnail images to stand for places I’ve reviewed. There are ranked best to worst, starting top left. But this assessment is based on a constellation of factors. So below you get more of a breakdown of my selected favourites under different categories. I’ve not yet written up some of the eateries.

Isn’t this reviewing different eateries in one town just on muesli-related dishes a bit obsessive? Well, I suppose. Am I serious? Afraid so, sort of. Don’t I have better, more important things to do? Yes, definitely. Or maybe no. Chop wood, carry water, eat muesli, as the sage might have said.

* * * The Awards * * *

Best Muesli: Word of Mouth

Best Granola: Neo, Coene’s, Hangar, Polo

Best Bircher: Southern Cross, The Lab, Highwater

Best Porridge: Mojo Market Lane, Bresolin, Lido

Best Coffee: Hangar, Neo, Loretta, Highwater, Leeds St Bakery

Best Cheese Scones: Nikau, Olive

Best Environment: Southern Cross, Coene’s, Home, Loretta, Ohtel, Dixon St Deli, Lola Stays, Egmont St Eatery

Best Value For Money: CQ Hotel, Dixon St Deli, Le Samourai

Sustainability Award: Highwater

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